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Hi Sal R,

have you looked at using a BROWSE.RRL file in your Music Path. This is a simple file that allows you to define Virtual drives, mine is defined like this

C:\Documents and Settings\johnstonek\My Documents\My Music\MP3;Main Music Directory
D:\;CD / DVD
E:\;USB Drive

This is displayed in the browse window like the attached.

OOPs ! Didn't spot your response !

Anyways, one for reference.
Actually, I did have my directory setup like that before, but it wasn't "clean" enough for me. Personal preference, of course.

I didn't want a list of directories that may/may not be there so instead, I created a button that allowed a user defined drivepath to browse any directory at will. It uses a persistent variable so that you don't have to keep redefining it every RR startup. This is, of course, contigent on you knowing the drive letter/path to assign to a given peripheral.