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    nintendo 64

    EDIT: ok i apologize in advance, i just realized somethin like this has already been done. sry to take up space.

    hi all, i got bored and thought, since we have all these flash games like frogger and pong, why not take the games to the next level with nintendo 64. lol -could be a dumb idea, hey i dont really care. anyway, heres a screenshot of goldeneye.

    so since i can already hear the complains "but my computer is slow, how can i expect to run an emulator too?" you know what, i dont know. you can deal with it. if you like this use it, if not dont. my one request is that ppl dont fill this thread with complaints about how useless this is. thanks.

    also, as i currently plan to, you can buy a nintendo 64 to usb converter (the best one is called 'adaptoid', but they dont make it anymore). i think you could also use the controller as a remote for other functions of RR such as volume, song change, whatever, etc.

    ok ill stop writing, and this link should have everything you need.

    o and sorry if its slow or down, i havent taken much time to find a quality free file hosting website.

    to obtain n64 roms, google "nintendo 64 roms" (without quotes) and hit "I'm feeling lucky". should come right up...

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    i dont think anyone is going to call it useless. Im in constant search of better games and better ways to play games in the car. So thanks.

    just curious, whats with the next,next,next on the download page?

    gonna test this out in a few.
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    To ensure that the company gets credit for 3 pages of click throughs and advertisements. Does not look like it has worked for them, as I don't see any sponsors for their site

    Tundra2000, you may want to give a try. It makes you wait like 4-5 seconds to download the file, but no clicking through all those screens, and their servers are fast! No signup needed. Go to that page, browse and press upload.

    I like the emulator idea, and looks kewl!
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    yea putfile was a user friendly webhosting site that i signed up for a while ago and i guess i just keep using it lol. just checked out the filesend site and i have seen it before and im updating the link now. thanks for the reminder.

    edit: yea i spose if you want a different skin other than the one i attached, you can make one yourself: not that hard. the buttons on the side are 160x480.

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