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    Simplistique Red Skin Release.

    This is a variant of the famous simplistique skin that is so popular in this site, for me this is the one that has worked flawlessly and stable, but since I decided to change the color of my instrument cluster and central console to red' I fired up photoshop and started to change the main colors to red; up to where my eyes were happy with it, so this could be an option for the ones out there who have a red color instrument as me.

    Notes: My main gps software is mappoint, but also included is iGuidance and destinator although the last two are not tested.

    The Mitsubishi logo can be changed to whatever logo you want; the logo file type is .gif so please beware!!!

    I dont use album art so is not implemented, you will get a generic music symbol.

    Credit of this skin is given to Loydy since he was the creator of the skin I just changed some colors around for my eye candy and thought that someone can use it as well.

    The file is hosted in a public site so bare with me... and wait the 30 secs.

    Anything else you can drop me a note, hope you enjoy.

    If you haven't installed Simplistique before remember to copy the fonts from the skin font folder to your font folder at your computers control panel fonts folder.

    Here is the link:

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    does anyone still have a copy of this skin they could upload or email to me?

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