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Thread: Hello I'm new. What do you think?

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    Hello I'm new. What do you think?

    Hey everybody great forum, I've picked up alot of good info here.
    I'm currently in the process of making a skin for somebody.
    This is my first skin but not my first time doing graphic work.
    I'm sorry I cant release the skin files or psd files, but you are more than welcome to take any ideas and create your own from scratch.
    I dont feel right giving out somebody elses skin, I belive it is that persons choice. Hope you understand. If you like my work I'm sure I'll make some more skins in the future that I can release

    Please leave any feedback positive or negative. I'm looking to see if I can improve on this skin or not. Alot more work is being done right now so I'll keep you all updated if you're interested.

    Thanks - Fridey
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    Colorado, but Canadian!
    Looks pretty nice to me
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    Not sure the white text will be visable against the chanpagne background.

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    I like it... looks good....esp the audio page

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    The white shows up pretty good on my computer screen. I havent tried it on a car pc screen yet though... Also when you press down one of the buttons on the main menu the white text turns red.
    I'll be sure to pay close attention to that when I put it on a car pc.

    Thanks for all the comments so far.

    BTW has anybody had any issues with the CDRip program skin not coming up properly? It's only showing the buttons for me.
    I'll do a search, havent had the chance yet.


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