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Thread: Internet when iphone has < one bar?

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    Internet when iphone has < one bar?

    Last year was the first time i tried to use my Verizon iphone in Colorado. I was told Verizon had the best coverage.

    But many places I camped, had zero reception. Maybe one bar if I relocated a bit higher..

    Now I'm thinking I really want, need to upgrade my audio/video in both my tow vehicle and camper.. But don't think I want to store all my content on a hard drive or whatever..

    Is there anyway to boost my iphone reception so It can be fast enough for music video's while driving? Or when I'm in a remote camp spot?

    Or am I better off storing ALL my music and video's on a hard drive? And have to painstakingly search through it to find what I want instead of just searching Google?


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    I would personally store all my music/video files on a hard drive, especially when cellular service is crappy in some spots. it will save you a lot of grief in the long run. Just my 2 cents SNO

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    Another option is one of those WiFi portable 2.5" drives. It will always have a good signal and you can move it wherever needed easily.

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