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Thread: Old NetStumbler SKIN (needs a new owner)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RPM_VR4
    Sorry I missed your post on the 13th. Thanks for the bump .

    One concern: Why do you have to use an Auto-It script? The WinWaitActive command in the AutoIt script doesn't even do anything since your SKINbedder script is Run() instead of RunWait(). Try just running NS instead of the AutoIt script and I bet it will work.
    Not sure about kiltjim but my problem is the way netstumbler deals with window names.
    If I start netstumbler normally, it will create a random file name and the window name will reflect that.
    Also, I want to open always the same file because it already has the know access points and with the help of GPS can tell-me how far I am from them.
    So, I always open the myns1.ns1 file and the window name NetStumbler displays is "Network Stumbler - myns1.ns1".
    But it opens with the file sub window smaller that the main window, and afaik there is no command to maximize the sub window.
    My auto-it scrip does that by double clicking on the sub window title bar, but then grrr... the netstumbler window title changes again to "Network Stumbler - [myns1.ns1]".
    To avoid a lot off problems, I chose to have the autoit script to start netsumbler with the correct file, set it up so the window name does not change further, optionally start scanning, and then let Sb do his stuff, by embedding using the name "Network Stumbler - [myns1.ns1]" that I know will not change again unless I open a new file or a different one.
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    To get around the new window name, you have to launch using "run([netstumbler location] [filename]), etc."

    SB doesn't seem to like spaces. Is there a way around this? If there is, there is no reason to use the script. Other than that, the skin is working great now. Also with the script, i don't have to keep clicking on the blank skin before NS launches.
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    Gotcha. I don't know why you can use spaces in some places and not in others. I will look in to making it support spaces for the StartUp script (That might have to wait until I convert to XML though).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravellir View Post
    the buttons coordinates are relative to the bitmap, not to the sb window.

    just replace on skin.ini




    and they will work
    that explains Why my Skin. I'm working on doesn't work!

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