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Thread: PREVIEW: iGuidance 3 skin

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    Works great in my car running Sb-iG3 in CF-Nexus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbreeden
    Could it be that I'm finally finished with GPS on my carputer? Thanks again.
    My sentiments exactly. I installed iG3UMPC a couple of weeks ago. After learning Skinbedder and getting a stable SB skin created, I immediately uninstalled and deleted all references to Mappoint 04, MP 06, and S&T 06 I thought it was cool having 4 navi systems in the car, but the fact of the matter is that I don't need any of them anymore! except iG3, that is.

    Quote Originally Posted by kbreeden
    Now that I've got it working I couldn't agree more. With b8bboi's IGMon for autoswitching and muting, I think I'm finally done with nav.
    I need to get around to implementing iGMon again now that I'm on iG3. I really liked the autoswitching. I wonder if the next turn feature will be compatible with iG3, soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Saturated_Fat
    Nicely Done ITL !
    Thanks, man. Where you been hiding at?

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