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Thread: OBD Switch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nalav View Post
    A possible solution would be to find which wire the power is coming from, and wire a switch or even relay to it controlled by fusion brain or something like that. That should ensure it's not drawing power unless you want it to.
    What logic would you use to turn the scan tool on/off?
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    Rewire port....

    If you rewire the port with a simple switch (so when you unplug and a regular shop want to use it while not running the car....).

    Put a 2 way switch in line connected to the pin 9 or 16 (ie: Battery power) - the other leg put to a switched 12 volts line like the cigarette lighter.

                     [  /]----Orginal Wire
    Pin 9 or 16 }----[ X ](12v 2a switch)
                     [  \]----{2A fuse}-----To 12v switched

    - wire (length depend on where you can get 12v switched from)
    - SPDT switch (had 3 connectors) must be rated for at-least 2amps at 12 volts

    Just unconnected the port and follow the wire pealing back electrical tape and cut it about 2 or so inches away. Strip and solder extra wire on both end to extend BOTH. Cover with shrink tubing. Find a switched 12v (like cigarette lighter) and attach or solder a lead wire to that with a fuse holder (2A). Attach the wire going to the connector to the common of the switch and the two others to the other legs.

    All you have to is mount the switch in a nice place. Problem solved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vitaliy View Post

    We've been considering designing in features that would make the scan tool more CarPC-friendly. Going to sleep is easy, waking up is the hard part.

    Is this still an issue for OBDLink (not being able to automatically go to sleep at IG-Off and wake up at IG-On)? FYI ScanGauge does go to sleep at IG-Off and wake up at IG-On, so there is a way...

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