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  1. Thanks bugbyte, I think where i'm getting tied...

    Thanks bugbyte,

    I think where i'm getting tied up is that ive simply been trying to get power to the unit just to even see the "power" LED come on. I cant even get it to do that.
    I've spent...
  2. Can I use this screen for anything other than propping up the table?

    Hey guys,

    I bought a 2003 Legacy recently and pulled out the Jap sat nav system. What i wanna know is if i can still use the LCD screen or if it is useless. I havent been able to find any...
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    No I didnt take any photos but there is a video...

    No I didnt take any photos but there is a video on youtube showing it working.

    Personally i wouldn't have thought a re-flashed ECU would be the...
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    No Luck :0(


    Went into Subaru service today. They hooked up the ECU to the factory diagnostic system and it appears my ECU is completely stock and not modified in any way.

    We also tried dash command...
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    Fingers crossed

    Hmmmm yes, could possibly be the problem

    The tech i've been talking to at Subaru here in Wellies is quite keen to see Dash command working as well so, with a bit of luck, he'll help me get it...
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    I feel your frustration!

    Hey NZ Hawk.

    I'm Having troubles reading my ECU as well. I'm Using Dash Command with the PPE OBDii link. It all works great with the other cars i've hooked up to but.....with real...
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    Banging my head against the wall!

    Hey guys! What an incredible thread. Ive read it in full and have learnt a heck of a lot!'re the guru!

    All the others helping solve problems.......we're all in debt to you!
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