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  1. I agree, sound is not that great

    I think i agree with you Maheriano. I have been running this 5.1 config for a bout a year. The flexibility of adjusting sound levels in Centrafuse is great but I think it sounds wierd (for music) The...
  2. GPS mouse

    Hi Kevin

    I had the same issue with my Holux GPS mouse. I had it placed on the dashboard. It was getting too hot. I would hold it in front of a A/C vent a wallah it would work after a while. Try...
  3. mine too

    Mine seems a little behind also with a cabled GPS. Also When I use voice guidance the boice breaks up a little when it 1st starts to give a direction. I have the M10000 with 1 GB or ram. XP slightly...
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    Looks great, cant wait to try in my Vanagon. I like the Centrafuse skin but the beauty of our systems is the ability to change!

  5. I have the same problem, its hit and miss when it...

    I have the same problem, its hit and miss when it happens. I suspect its got to do with Phone Control but i am not sure. John
  6. music via magic5.1 setup (without center channel)

    Great writeup. I pretty much did what you said but on my own since i just found this post. Took me hours and hours. The only thing I did not realize is that you only use one side of the output for...
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    Should the MPH work in NAV yet?

    Finally got my carputer installed in my Vanagon. Centrafuse is great!

    I have satellites locked, one time I had 12. I have altitude readings but 0 MPH. Is this normal in the demo or should that...
  8. same problem

    I have the same issue. However I just fired up my carputer for the 1st time yesterday so I havent started to work out all the bugs. Same motherboard, Not sure what DC-DC PS I have but its the one...
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    prices :)

    I think the prices are quite reasonable. For the price of 3 tanks of super (on most cars) you get the basic software. In this day and age $124 does not buy too much. Most people would not flinch at...
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