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  1. Updates

    Accelerometer added (Analog Devices ADXL202 through AD converter)
    Mobile parking interface (through AT commands over bluetooth for sending sms)
    Separate OpenGL rendering thread
  2. OBDII reader

    Before purchasing scanner, I wasn't sure coz diagnostics port is required since '96. But it works in my '94 car and read codes and live data just fine. It uses ISO protocol, so I'm using Elmscan ISO...
  3. Computerizing Saab 900 with eeePC and custom software

    It all started with a wish to just listen mp3s in my old Saab...
    The car is 94' Saab 900 SE 2.0T, ca 180kW. Mods: Nordic Stage 3 mapping, SpeedParts 3" full length sport exhaust, JR air filter, Koni...
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