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  1. Alternative Screens or Video Connections?

    Sorry i forgot to there a clean and direct swap out for the 4:3 screen that would improve things? Or a better video connection option?

  2. Fuzzy Text

    Thanks for responses guys,
    It seems the only real grievance here is the fuzzy text on the it generally brutal or just some hairy text. I plan on only using this for Front Row/itunes...
  3. Screen Issues seem to be the stopper

    Thanks folks,
    It seems to me that the red flag on this is the smudgy text. I plan on using Front Row only for this. I'll jump to the OS if I need to do updates or something...maybe check the cpu...
  4. Installing a Mac Mini in a 2000 BMW M5 e39

    I've been trolling these boards for a few weeks doing research for a project I'd like to take on. I have a 2000 BMW M5 (e39). I'd like to install a Mac Mini into the trunk...there seems to be some...
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