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    VAC, Audiomulch, and ASIO4ALL...

    Hello everyone. I've been searching and searching all over the place for info that i can't seem to find. I've read numerous times that people are using source > vac > am > asio4all.

    I'm not...
  2. Thank you soundman for your reply. After...

    Thank you soundman for your reply. After submitting the post I kept reading and researching. I'm no longer confused about how to get audio out of the carpc to the amps. My only concern now is front...
  3. New to carpc, proposed system setup, Feedback welcome.

    Hello all. I'm new to the idea of using a carpc. Not new to car audio or pc's. Just new to car pc.

    My proposed setup is:

    CarPC: RevoSys x500
    EQ: Audio Conrtol DQS
    Crossover: Lanzar OPTIX10...
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