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    Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the...

    Thanks for the recommendation. I ordered the carnetix p2140 and it works perfect
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    Low voltage shutoff

    So im looking for one of two things hopefully someone can point me towards an existing product. Either a power inverter with a low power shutoff that is higher than 10v (that seems to be the...
  3. Can anyone recomend Landau interior paint?

    Im considering doing a color change on my 05 silverado currently have tan and looking to go grey/graphite or black or both. Anyway the reviews of this stuff I find are all over the map Im sure some...
  4. What pc or phone based scanners can read the GM body control module (airbag codes)

    Im in the market for a new scanner and the ones over at will read the airbag code if you buy the extra software excpet I dont really like that you cant use the same module for...
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