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  1. Yes, it is sort of a 'bippety' type noise - very...

    Yes, it is sort of a 'bippety' type noise - very short and repeating alternating to either L/R audio channels.

    The audio cables I got are ok,. nothing over the top but not the lowest quality out...
  2. I can hear the mouse move across the screen!

    I have noticed a recent static issue and was trying to pinpoint the source.

    I am using the Car2PC-HON1 to connect my computer to my 03 Accord HU.

    I hear a pulsing crackle every now and then....
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    Poll: suavecito, I appreciate your work, very...


    I appreciate your work, very impressive.

    Is there a way I can add menu items to the skin and yet still keep the dynamic menu feature? ie, How can I add more options to choose from...
  4. I would second the ALFA products. I currently use...

    I would second the ALFA products. I currently use the AWUS036H and I am more than pleased. I was originally going to mount an external antenna, but found that I get decent range with it being in my...
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    Found my answer here:...

    Found my answer here:
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    2.5" ata HDD, which pins carry the power?

    I have a 2.5" HDD with the 3.5->2.5+power cable converter. (purchased from ebay)

    The IDE cable that plugs into the HDD does not have an orientation pin to let me know how to align the IDE cable to...
  7. You are more than welcome! I tried looking for...

    You are more than welcome!

    I tried looking for a few other states that have their cameras listed... but to little avail. After hours of poking around at the obfuscated code from North Carolina's...
  8. Love your work. I hope to incorporate this into...

    Love your work. I hope to incorporate this into my carpc build soon!

    I found an xml list of all Tennessee cameras (335 in total).

    Would you need me to parse this any further?

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    XENARC 700TS Fixed Resolution

    I was wondering if it is possible to 'fix' the 700TS to one screen resolution (800x600). Not that it is a big deal, but right now as the computer boots up the screen readjusts itself several times -...
  10. Help troubleshooting touchscreen controller for Xenarc (TouchKit)

    Before I started making my custom case for the LCD I test the screen and the touchscreen work fine right out of the box. The alignment was a little off, but it would at least attempt to work.
    I now...
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    Xenarc 700TS Troubleshooting

    So I received my Xenarc about a month ago, that night I took it apart to see how it worked, then put it back together and tested it. Everything seemed to work fine. After a few weeks I took it apart...
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    Custom door/lock mechanism

    I am modding an 03 accord for a carpc located in the CD storage bin. There is a door to this bin and I want to keep it functional. It looks as if I am going to have to remove the original...
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    ah! Well the styrofoam that I have now is in fact...

    ah! Well the styrofoam that I have now is in fact the 'break up into little balls' type. I will look into the floral arrangement foam (green stuff) and possible Great Stuff (foam in a can)
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    I actually picked up some styrofoam used for...

    I actually picked up some styrofoam used for insulation in a house/door/window.

    What qualities am I looking for by purchasing craft store styrofoam?
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    Styrofoam with fiberglass?

    So I have begun my carputer project... I am wanting to cram all my hardware in a rather constricting hole in my center dash. The center dash storage bin that is, of course, not big enough. I am shy...
  16. Thread: Seeking Guidance

    by ahave

    Seeking Guidance

    Hello all! new member to the forums, but have been lurking around for the last week or so...

    For the longest time I have been wanting to build a HTPC, but now that I have just purchased a 2003...
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