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  1. Further experimentation shows it's definitely...

    Further experimentation shows it's definitely problems in the electronics in the K301 itself. Here's what I've got now:

    The "Menu" button on the K301 no longer does anything.
    The "Source"...
  2. K301 Touch Function Failed - Any Suggestions?

    I've had a K301 touch screen for about a year now, and the touch function just quit working alltogether. The display still works fine, but the Windows device manager no longer sees the USB...
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    After much experimentation, I now believe it's...

    After much experimentation, I now believe it's impossible to get true 800 x 480 on a K301. The K301 seems to use the following algorithm for pixelation:

    1. Count the number of scan lines,...
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    It's pretty much gotta be 800 x 480: When I use...

    It's pretty much gotta be 800 x 480: When I use the Windows XP default 800x600, I don't get any horizontal repixelation (but do get vertical). When I use any of several timings from other threads on...
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    K301 Timing Parameters for 800 x 480?

    I'm trying to get my K301 screen working well in 800x480 mode. I've tried everything I've seen in other threads, as well as everything else I can think of, and every set of timing parameters leave me...
  6. Thanks, guys! I'm currently checking out...

    Thanks, guys!

    I'm currently checking out RoadRunner.

    After much testing (and getting nothing to work), I've sent the touch-screen back for exchange.
  7. First-Time Carputer Project, Old-Time Programmer

    I've just started a project to put a carputer into my Honda Odyssey. I'm a newbie to carputers, but an old-time programmer (I wrote my first program when Lyndon Johnson was president). My current...
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