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  1. Looking for help with centrafuse and networking

    I'm getting ready to start a project in my 04 Nissan Armada and I've ran into a slight problem that I'm hoping can be resolved before the build.

    What I'm looking at doing is having one main...
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    Well first questions first, do you have the right...

    Well first questions first, do you have the right video codecs installed to play the video?
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    Nightvision system

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right area but I'll go for it anyway.

    I'm looking at building a system for night vision. Not using IR cameras for driving at night, but the display itself...
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    Problems updating database in frodoplayer

    I've got an issue with the latest version of frodoplayer. I'll add more songs to the directory where the rest of my music is at and where Frodoplayer is defaulted to for the database. However when I...
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    voice control?

    I've been trying to find some voice activation software for my system. I'm currently running Frodoplayer, which I like. But I wish I could do voice commands as oppose to having to look down at my...
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    Before hand, I realize that this thread is almost...

    Before hand, I realize that this thread is almost 2 years old prior to my posting in it. However, I was curious if anyone had a working mirror or could send me the BSR software. I'd like to try it...
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    I think I found the issue now. For some reason...

    I think I found the issue now.

    For some reason the ATAPI-IDE adaptor(I think that's what it's called) on the back of my dvd drive was causing it to not want to boot. It will boot into windows now....
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    Freezing during boot, VIA EPIA ML-8000

    I'm having an issue with my system. When I turn it on it gets to the VIA Bios splash screen that appears when it first boots up then just freezes there. Won't do anything else or advance any further....
  9. help with a Power supply question(opus 120w)

    I've got a morex 2699 case with the stock 60w supply in it. I'm considering upgrading before I put my 'puter into my truck.

    I'm between getting the Opus 80w or the 120w. Right now, the 120w is...
  10. installing in a 99 explorer sport, any suggestions?

    Pretty much what the title says in this case.
    I've got a Morex 2699 case w/ PSU a VIA ML8000 board, gig of ram, pioneer slot load cd-r/rw/dvd and a 160gig 7200 rpm HD and I tossed in a belkin...
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