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    M3 power supply "thump" wire.

    Hi everybody, I'm connecting my car PC to an amp with no head unit. Using the M3 Pico sized PSU. Is the white "Thump" wire a true "remote" wire or is it strictly to avoid the pop at startup. Do I...
  2. I've been playing with this and I here's what...

    I've been playing with this and I here's what I've found out, maybe it will help (or maybe not :) )

    lsusb identifies the Egalax touchscreen device but only every other time I run it.

    I got to...
  3. Difficulties with eGalaxTouch driver and VM70

    Although ICETouch runs and seems to install the drivers just fine, when I reboot and run ICETouch again to calibrate the screen it doesn't recognize the VM70. The familiar eGalaxTouch program starts...
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