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  1. At first with the illustration I was thinking...

    At first with the illustration I was thinking "Oh, that's a pretty neat idea, it would be pretty hard to do though.. Then I saw the body filler and my jaw dropped that you're actually doing it. That...
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    JVC KW-NT700 vs JVC KW-NT810HDT?

    I just got a new car and I'm going with a double din this time, I'm was looking at the JVC KW-NT700 but then I just happened to find this other model, the KW-NT810HDT on the US site.
    They are only...
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    Well it's not that I'm scared to hack up the car...

    Well it's not that I'm scared to hack up the car a bit to fit some cameras because I do lots of body work so I'll pull it off smooth, it's the fact that parklot hit and runs are so common here I...
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    I need help overkilling my car security!

    I have a 1989 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Wolfburg "Helios" Edition, there are only 1500 of them made and it was never released in my country so I had to import it. Ive had it for about 4 years now and have...
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    Need help building a custom sub box

    I'm using a 12" MTX Thunder sub with ported box as a package that I picked up at Future Shop for $275. I never really ended up using it until now and I just need help making a new box that will house...
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