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    What would I need 5V/12V rails for? What would I...

    What would I need 5V/12V rails for? What would I use to get 19V from my car's 12V? Is it possible to set something up like one would have with a M2-ATX power supply that would cause the computer to...
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    Mini/Book Size Computers vs Mini ITX

    I'm looking for a computer to use for my Car PC install. I've been looking at the the Morex and Travela Mini-ITX cases, as I have a pretty small space to place the computer (10" W x 7.5"D x 3" H)....
  3. What can I use to fill a single or double DIN Space?

    I have an '03 Nissan 350Z which I am planning a car pc for. My car has a cubby in the dash where the factory navigation system would go. This is where I plan to put the touch screen for the car PC....
  4. What else can I put in the double DIN space my stock radio is in?

    I'm looking to install a Carputer in my '03 350z Touring. I know I plan to remove the stock radio but I'm not sure on the location of the actual computer. One option is to install the entire computer...
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