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  2. 6627166272 these are some more pics. here is...


    these are some more pics.
    here is what I have figured out so far
    the Power supply has some type.of watchdog system that shuts the computer off if it does not receive a signal from...
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  4. come across some lvds 7 inch touch screens but out of my league making them work

    I got my hands on some computers that were used in trucks for dispatching
    the display is 7" touch and the motherboard is a via epia nx
    I have three displays two cases and three or four...
  5. 2007 Volvo 18 Wheeler Truck Computer with Video Capture

    I am currently working on a system to put in my truck and wanted to ask for some advice.

    So far everything is on paper or being tested on my laptop not actually being done so I did not want to...
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