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    If you guys don't live together, use internet...

    If you guys don't live together, use internet services. Have flowers sent to her. Chocolates (or something that she likes).

    Frame a picture of you two together and send it.

    And yeah. Once,...
  2. Here's another (small) problem : BestBuy did the...

    Here's another (small) problem : BestBuy did the first installation, so who knows what exactly I have, I don't think they gave me stuff back after the install (or maybe I threw it away, I can't...
  3. '06 Mazda3 + metra single DIN dash kit + AVIC-D2

    Pioneer AVIC-D2
    It's a 6.5 inch screen size, perfect Double DIN fit.

    I own a Mazda3 s, '06, I don't think I need to link that up.. :)

    This is the Metra Single DIN dash kit.

    Sooooo. I know...
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    HOWTO : ScanTool.Net for Linux (OBD-II)

    First off, download allegro, and install it. That should be straightforward.
    (you need at least 4.1.18 as far as I can tell, which is ~x86 masked in Gentoo at the time of this writing)

    Second of...
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