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    SD2 GPS problem!

    I have a same problem :)
    It doesn't see my gps. I have to use a com port 1 because I have a build in gps in my laptop.
    I changed a baud rate to 9600 and was working fine with my Centrafuse 2.0, but...
  2. Centerfuse bluetooth settings question

    I'm new here, and I would like to ask, how can I setup my cell phone to communicate with Centerfuse trough bluetooth. I have no option in the setup for this, just serial, or infrared connection.
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    I need a little help for this TM-868

    I know this lcd monitor is working fine with 640*480, but I can't made smaller resolution than 800*600 with my dell laptop.Maybe if i'll try to upgrade a monitor driver , but i can't find any driver...
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