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  1. New Plugin: Clear Media Index (OM Versions < 0.9 Only)

    I was having some issues with old mp3s being indexed in the Database. openMobile kept trying to play mp3s that didn't exist anymore.

    So, I wrote a quick plugin to clear the index, and have an...
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    Settings "Ok" pressed

    I'm working on a plugin. Is there an event for the "Ok" button being pressed?

    I am currently saving the settings using the onChanged event handler. This is alright, but I would prefer only to save...
  3. Try running it from a terminal window. I don't...

    Try running it from a terminal window. I don't have access to my Laptop (with Ubuntu) right now, as I'm at work. I can't remember if installing mono associates the .exe extension or not. I can only...
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