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  1. FS: DSATX 200 Watt ATX Carputer DC-DC Power Supply

    I'm selling my DSATX 200 Watt Power Supply on EBay. I used it in my car for a couple of years but have now switched to P1900. The unit is fully working and doesn't have any visible signs of wear and...
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    I've fixed my own issue and here's how I did it....

    I've fixed my own issue and here's how I did it.

    1) Downloaded and installed the Liyitec URTC Touch Screen Driver from the Liyitec touchscreen driver page (even though it doesn't list Win7...
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    Xenarc 700IDT driver issue with Windows 7

    I'm having trouble getting the software/driver on Windows 7 to recognize my Xenarc 700IDT touchscreen for my carputer.

    I've tried installing the software on both Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit with...
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