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  1. Trying to track down firmware update/software update for Ebay Head unit...

    I brought one of these: head units from ebay a couple of months ago, the hardware is pretty solid but the software has a few weird...
  2. tried that, didn't work :(

    tried that, didn't work :(
  3. me either.

    me either.
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    I did start at reading over details of the other...

    I did start at reading over details of the other front ends,i didnt get much past C took a while, however there are allot of solutions out there, and to check them all out is going to take a while. ...
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    Looking for a UI

    Im currently using centrafuse in my car, Just wondering what other front ends are out there that do GPS as well as have a resonable music library for listing to music.

    After something that's not...
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