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    Lenovo s10 LCD 30 pin output to VGA?

    Can somebody help? I found alot schemes for other laptops made to work with VGA monitors trough their MB LCD connectors, i want to do the same with my VGA monitor, because when using the VGA port on...
  2. Lilliput EBY701 touch fix(4 touch screen cables order on pcb?)

    Hi there, i own EBY701 touch from 3 years, maybe more, bought for carputer project, but when i opened it to use the screen only and make custom screen surround, i accidentially cutted the 4 touch...
  3. Looks like i will take the second one ... it have...

    Looks like i will take the second one ... it have 12v for the monitor also so i will use only one PSU for both units, and i can remove laptop battery with tis one i think?
  4. Need some advice using lenovo s10 laptop as carpc and getting good sount quality

    I have lenovo s10 with ssd hdd that i can use for car pc, its atom based, and not good sound card in it. I have few questions, after reading alot forums and alot threads ... i still cant decide what...
  5. Need 20v 2a 40w car power supply for laptop with spme extras

    Hi, i need to make such supply for my car, can i have some scheme for such power supply plus some extras like shut down on car stop and power on on car start. I could be also interested reqdy made...
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