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    Alpine 7878R


    Alpine 7878R,

    Not much to say really, had it since new has a new cage and still has the faceoff case. For those that dont know this is the last stereo to have the F1 status...
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    Alpine 7878R and IPOD Link


    Just got some major bad news, Aparently although it has the AI-Link and the folder search, it is not compatible with the KCA-420i to control my ipod through.

    I find this astonishing...
  3. Easy enough, its linked into the stereo so i get...

    Easy enough, its linked into the stereo so i get voice navigation anyway so all thats needed is a quick glance, the best bit actually is the proximity to the gearstick becuase i can use finger tip...
  4. 5.6" Screen in Alfa Romeo 156 Dash (BIG IMAGES)

    Firstly Sorry about the size of the images

    Secondly this took about a month from start to finish, i have enought spade behind there to get an ITX motherboard so thats the next step.

    I have a...
  5. Wow thanks Curly, I'm going to do the...

    Wow thanks Curly,

    I'm going to do the Alfalogo on blackbackground next step will be the windows startup to show the same, now i'm going to run windows 98 so i can adjust the load order and...
  6. Via Epia ITX motherboard BIOS Image

    Hi All

    I would like to have a logo instead of having the bios show at startup like you would get from a major manufacturer

    possible ?

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    5.6" Screen Resolution

    Hi All

    I am looking to attach an ITX motherboard to my 5.6" touchscreen which i have already fabricated into the dashboard but i have some questions

    Easiest way is via the tv out which...
  8. Dead unipac/lcd screens ??????????

    I have a connector running from the screens with a pink and white lead, i imagine this is for the backlight how can i test using this if the screen is working. ?
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    Thanks m8, i was going to give up there for a...

    Thanks m8, i was going to give up there for a second.

    Theres definatly no controller on the back. do you know of anyway i can test the backlight before i buy 2 controllers i believe there +5V...
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    Unipac 7" Modules


    I got these 2 Unipac 7" screens dirt cheap both brand new as i am installing them into the centre console of a Alfa 156.

    Has anybody else had experience with these screens or does anybody...
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