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    Which kind of VGA have U used (so strange) :) ...

    Which kind of VGA have U used (so strange) :)

    I have a standard VGA cable 5meter BUT the quality is not that good :(

    How can i get a good vga quality for 5 meter i wanna buy UTP...
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    You can do that with your own app (if you know...

    You can do that with your own app (if you know how to write a software)

    the idea is just to write a software which detect all BT phone or devices in the range , then you haveto get your Mac...
  3. I will tell you

    look you have to make 2 pins 4 switching and connect those 2 pins to IC

    so the IC is like :

    pin 1 = 1 and pin 2 = 1 then out put = 0
    pin 1 = 0 and pin 2 = 0 then out put = 0

    pin 1 = 1...
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    Thanks alot

    thank you for your reply :yum:

    Do you mean the version of bluetooth as a software or as a hardware ???????
    My bluetooth is built-in in my laptop
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    No sound I hear with Ponecontrol !!!!!

    I tried Phonecontrol with Nokia 6610 , every thing is OK I can make a call and send sms

    but when i make a call I cant hear or talk through my PC's Speaker & Mic

    how can I do it ( I need hear...
  6. thanks

    thanks alot for your reply

    you looks a good man :yum:

    Ok i understood your idea thanks again :mommy:

    I will check now on RR forum and if i dont get a soluotion i will ask you...
  7. I just need 2 use the phone through RoadRuner

    Please can any one tell me how can I use the phone through RR

    using any nokia phone (my phone is 6610 )
    or using GPRS modem ??

    what file can I use for that ??

    Thanks alot
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