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  1. using visualizations in music mode full screen

    So i have centrafuse 2.0 and I am trying to go to full screen when im playing music but its not letting me.
    I tap on the icon that shows the album art and it just goes to the next visualization. ...
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    HEllo everyone i am recieving my d945gclf2 $88.99...

    HEllo everyone i am recieving my d945gclf2 $88.99 today or tomorrow.

    I am going to set it up with xp. i dont know what software I am using just yet. I am hoping to use my 3.5 60 or 80 gb desktop...
  3. ok I almost got it but am unsure of power

    So I have been reading a lot about how power is supposed to go in my car.

    what ive done so far:

    subwoofer amp under driver seat
    Other amp for all speakers under passenger seat.

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    which motherboard for my needs

    little falls 1 or 2

    Quick bio. I own a 1997 eagle talon and I want to put a car pc into it. I have done much reading and it seems pretty easy. The computer part seems...
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