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  1. '05 Nissan Altima- EEEPC 2G Surf CarPC Using LCD Rearview Mirror as Monitor Reply to

    Ever considered the EeePC T91 tablet? You could fold the screen down and operate it via the touchscreen.
  2. Could you remove the rear window tint and...

    Could you remove the rear window tint and re-tint, installing the panels between the new tint and the window?

    Do you have a sunroof? Or could you place the panels between the strip of tint and the...
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    RE: 98 Mustang Laptop Ipod GPS 3G Mach460

    1. Get an iPod Touch or iPhone. 2. Install on dash with a special pivoting/rotating arm. 3. Connect to radio via AUX and a mini-plug (lazy method: FM transmitter). 4. Enjoy!

    I purchased a tablet...
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