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    its 1.47, using integrated audio on an Intel...

    its 1.47, using integrated audio on an Intel D201GLY2, issue is still very much present, although the car has been in the shop the last few days.

    I don't have a deck in this car, so volume...
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    Problems with Volume Control

    I am having some issues with Centrafuse and volume control, when I play mp3 songs from a flashdrive, volume control works great, but if I have mp3 songs playing in the background, while I am using...
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    Car PC installed, 1994 Acura NSX

    I am running a standalone (Serial Interface) AEM ECU in my project car, and wanted to be able to interface with the ECU, in order to display various parameters of the car on a screen, in the cabin.
  4. Hardware Reccomendations? GPS Antenna, Bluetooth Dongle


    I am almost ready to take my CarPC out of my garage, and install it into my car, but need to purchase a final batch of parts, a GPS antenna (USB), and a bluetooth dongle (USB)

    I am using...
  5. Sounds good, the BU-353 for GPS as far as...

    Sounds good, the BU-353 for GPS

    as far as bluetooth, anything recommended, or just whatever is inexpensive? It looks like I can purchase a random bluetooth dongle for around $8, but will I run...
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