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    theres some infinity 5 channel amps look on ebay also i would not use the center speaker im looking to get one.
    also if you use vlc like my and choose the 5.1 channel you wiil not hear anything from...
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    some help

    hey i have that sound card the sound blaster xfi yes its true 5.1 no just delay in the back speakers you can control the levels independently via software for all channels you do have to tweak it to...
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    that is just some mad skills dude

    i did not get 60 percent o what you said in the first post ut that is frikkkiinn awesome :bounce::bounce:
  4. well im got the lilliput in the dash looks...

    well im got the lilliput in the dash looks awesome i still have to put everything together and need some wires and waiting for the sound card to come in the mail.
    I'm having trouble getting the...
  5. 2gen 4runner aspire one in dash + dual screen

    Hi everybody ive been reading stuff here for a while and finally started my build ive been looking at soo many options an decided to go with a double din enclosure with everything on it soo i can...
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