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    OEM front end vs aftermarket.

    Driven a few late model cars with all the in car media on board and it just works, from playing a song to navigating a restaurant/police station/**** buddies house it all just works.

    Why is it soo...
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    I got the subs working properly now, I had the...

    I got the subs working properly now, I had the amps piggybacked (master/slave) as they have this feature, whilst they were working but for some reason they were not outputting 100% properly, I have...
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    Yeah Ive read the manual (several times). ...

    Yeah Ive read the manual (several times).

    Been fiddling with it and under the realtek speaker setup thingo it all tests fines (FL/FR/RL/RR/Subs) and plays movies like a champ. seems it does not...
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    Yep realtek software.

    Yep realtek software.
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    Configuring a MOBO audio sub out.

    Okies I have just powered up the new mobo in the car and Iam ****ed if I can get it to output to my sub amps.

    It has 3 sockets on the back which are;

    Line in
    Line out

  6. There is pictures ?

    There is pictures ?
  7. CPU HSF creating a humming noise through my speakers.

    Finally after a loooong time I have my car-pc installed however the damn fan on the cpu heat sink is giving me really bad feedback though my speakers. Definitely is the fan because when I dis connect...
  8. Just to bump this back up. Should have this...

    Just to bump this back up.
    Should have this wired this coming weekend hopefully.

    Running off pin 8 to power on the amps, I have 3 amps. Will "pin 8" provide enough power for 3 amps or should I...
  9. Nice one, was what I was thinking but needed...

    Nice one, was what I was thinking but needed confirmation. Thanks.

    Hopefully will have the speaker/amp/powersupply side of the install done this weekend.

    What gauge wire should I run run B+/B-...
  10. M4-ATX hookup, complete noob first timer, Help.

    As per the thread title.

    up until now I have been using an AC PSU and inverter. inverter died (and was taking up room) so I purchased an M4-ATX PSU.
    Reading the install guide has confused the...
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