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    If I understand the question right, about getting...

    If I understand the question right, about getting to the BIOS, you need to plug a USB keyboard in and as you start it up press delete. That should get you into the BIOS but from there I have no more...
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    Infill G4 build - Audio Problem

    First off let me make it clear I did not buy this unit at the mp3car store so it was not pre-setup. I purchased a barebones kit and am in the process of installing it in my truck. I've now reached...
  3. chris350 thanks for the reply - it worked...

    chris350 thanks for the reply - it worked perfectly. Only thing is I now seem to have a problem with the screen - shows the startup hourglass just fine but then I press delete and the screen starts...
  4. Newbie Question... Can't load XP on Infill G4.

    I finally saved up and bought a barebones G4 from cartft (so no it didn't have a preinstalled OS) and am running into a 'simple' newbie question that's got me at wits end. I've installed a new RAM...
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