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    That answers the first part...

    But then for the second question... is the supply voltage the same regardless of whether the...
  2. Help me understand Steering Wheel Controls

    Hi Guys,

    I'm trying to make a Steering Wheel Interface for my Bluetooth kit... and there's a possibility I could make this something that others could use.

    I just need a start in the right...
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    Well that's a shame! As a developer - can you...

    Well that's a shame!

    As a developer - can you tell me if there's a variable in a config file somewhere that I could change to get the cursor back?

    Also - are you able to tell me what else is on...
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    Show Cursor in Street Deck / Vmod

    I've just put Vizualogic's VMOD in the Jeep which comes with the StreetDeck software.

    I've also bought a Logitech MX-Air mouse - which has Gyroscopic sensors so you can just pick it up and move it...
  5. Anybody know TOYOTA PID's for reading mileage?

    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if any of you knew how to read the vehicle's mileage through the OBD port - I'm working with a friend on a project to try to log the vehicle's distance covered. He knows...
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    Lexus / Toyota Wiring Diagrams

    I'm working on a project in Dubai, UAE, that requires getting really in-depth on the wiring of the 2006+ Lexus vehicles. Unfortunately there are subtle differences between the existing Navigation...
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