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  1. Mini-ITX Mainboard Suggestions (with dual onboard VGA)

    I'm preparing to start my second carpc project and am looking for an Intel Core board with dual onboard VGA. Many of the mini-ITX boards I'm finding have VGA and DVI-D...I can' work with that. I...
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    I agree...I ended up going with CarTFT...

    I agree...I ended up going with CarTFT CTF800-WMSL with the transflective screen; it's much better in the daylight...and the type of resistive overlay they use is much better then what I've seen on...
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    CTF800 display in the USA?

    Does anyone know where to find this display in the states? Or do I have to order from on of the German sites?

    CTF800-SL V3
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    Custom LCD Manufacturers?

    Does anyone have info on any companies that will build custom CAPACITIVE LCD touchscreens?

    I've searched around this forum and Google and contacted about a dozen companies for info on their...
  5. I've got the patience to fiddle with it until it...

    I've got the patience to fiddle with it until it all works right but I also know PCs...are these front-ends stable enough to run trouble free once setup properly?

    And would you recommend running...
  6. CarPC Hardware/Software Questions/Concerns

    I am researching CarPC products in the hopes of finding a CarPC solution that will meet my needs (and wants) and ultimately replace my current setup.

    At this time I have a Hummer H2 with an...
  7. Yeah...okay...since this post got overwhelming...

    Yeah...okay...since this post got overwhelming attention (NOT), I though I'd post the SOLUTION to this problem in the event that someone else is experiencing the same difficulty.

    I installed a...
  8. LCD Blacking-Out During Action Scenes in DVD Playback

    I've installed a 9.2 inch LCD panel in the passenger sunvisor of my H2. The unit is connected to a Pioneer AVIC Z2 (via composite video) as the "Rear Display".

    During DVD playback from the Z2...
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