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    Well, after some reading and comparisons I did...

    Well, after some reading and comparisons I did some rough calculations and I think about 100 watts should do it for my needs and plus some and that is generously rounding it up with room to spare. I...
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    Another climate question about the Garmin gps 20x

    I just ordered one and I live in VERY HOT climate, average summer time weather is 110. A few days ago, I left a level on my dash. When I came back from my errands, my level looked more like a bumpy...
  3. Thread: foam??

    by PandaBearBG

    You could use both kinds of foam...

    I am not a car guy by any means, but I have worked in a factory for over 3 years that uses polyurethane foam to make molds of all shapes and sizes. Yes it is extremely messy and goopy and takes a...
  4. hahahahah

    hahahaah, no its a garter belt... a "souvenier" from a crazy halloween nite with cat woman. hahahhaa

    *edit* The reason I am making this out of mostly wood is that it is very easy to use and since...
  5. Screen fits!

    Here's the dry fit so I can see if I can mold the front end to look like it belongs there.

    So I did a massive amount of...
  6. Newbie Ford Explorer 12.1" center conole build.

    Well A while ago my big *** snapped my center console arm (they are known to be cheap plastic) and when I took it out I thought, "Hey I bet I could put a PC in there!" As fate would have it I had an...
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    Thanks for the replies, really good info!

    Thanks FusionFanatic and DarrquePervert, I really appreciate the replies/advice/info from the seasoned pros. So right now I've been looking at intelligetn dc dc power supplies because they seem the...
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    Well, here's my solution...

    This is what I came up with after doing a little reading and putting my imaginiation to work. I figured most PC's and their components can usually take up to 140 degree heat anyways. And when I am...
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    Questions about power...

    Hello I am new to the hobby and I had some questions about getting power. I know there are various ways to do this and I just want to find the safest (no fires or burnt out cpu's :) and most...
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    Hitachi 7" Wide TX18D11VM1CAA

    I just happen to have just purchased one. Well I wanted a 12.1" display which I found and bought and happened to run across a good deal on a Hitachi 7" Wide TX18D11VM1CAA. However I got it just cuz...
  11. Questions about Hitachi 7" touchscreen...

    Hello I've been thinking about a carputer for some time now and finally I'm working on it, building a monstrocity-franken-center console to house and obscenely huge screen (12.1 details later once I...
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    Well the thing is I do not want to route an AC...

    Well the thing is I do not want to route an AC vent into it because of possible condensation problems b/c Scorching desert heat plus cold plus PC = possible condensation Fizzle. And It is only...
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    Hello, New to it, need some advice...

    Hello, i am new to, recently my armrest broke and when I took it apart I decided what the heck might as well slap a PC in there and I stumbled upon the website. Now I have done quite a...
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