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    Toyota Corolla '98 E111 Laptop Project

    After alot of time (and pain :lol:) i can say that my carpc is (almost) ready.
    sorry about my english (its not my first language).

    this is my hardware

    Monitor Lilliput 629gl-70np...
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    i asked the same question couple weeks ago. i...

    i asked the same question couple weeks ago. i wanted to use an external sound card to adjust front-rear-sub with difrent volume.
    canot be done with centrafuse.
  3. CREATIVE SB LIVE 24-BIT USB mixer suported ?

    hi to everyone.

    i have one question. i making my carpc and i dont know which s.card to choose. i have 2 amplifiers in the car. one 4channel for the internal speakers (front-rear) and one for the...
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