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    did you read the manual for the sensor. The...

    did you read the manual for the sensor.
    The adjustment process should be.
    dip sw 1 on dip sw 2 off - adjust exterior sensitivity
    dtp sw 1 off dip 2 on - adjust interior sensitivity
    LED status...
  2. Found this Link eventually!...

    Found this Link eventually!
    Follow to get part 2.
    So yes it has been done!
    I will trying this since on my car cos no one does...
  3. Has anyone successfully used ELM327 OBD module to read none ECU can messages.

    As part of my CarPC project I need a method to replace the Climate Controls and Steering Controls both od which are integrated into the Car's CANBUS via the OEM head unit!!!.
    The car is a UK...
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    Anyone Using The Kenwood KOS-V500/1000

    I am looking at a carpc project for my UK VXR8 (The US Spec version is the Pontiac G8 GT).

    Since I can't easily replace the head unit without losing parking sensors and HVAC controls and...
  5. Sounds like line noise from the PC (assuming you...

    Sounds like line noise from the PC (assuming you are using a car pc and the Mobo's analoque out connections).
    From sound card driver zero all channel outputs except the sub channel. If it is audible...
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