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  1. Wow been a while since I checked up on this...

    Wow been a while since I checked up on this thread. Alot of good information. Seems I have alot of research to do before I get into buying anything. I have no idea where to start.
  2. Is there anything comparable to the alpine f#1 status?

    As the thread title says Is there a system out there that compared in options and SQ? I'm looking for something, to work off a carputer. Any ideas?
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    overpowering Speakers

    Well Ive been looking at the pxa-h701 for a while here and I think that will be something that I will integrate into my carputer. From wehat i hear the h701 allows you to amp each speaker seperatley...
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    Whats so great bout the alpine F1 status?

    I know that the F1 has some of the highest quality dac's among other componments but like $5000 cdn for a 400w amp and $3000 for a HU seems a little bit much? I guess maybe im jsut jealous that I...
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    Dont mean to jack the thread but I had a question...

    Dont mean to jack the thread but I had a question about the PXA myself. I was wondering the whole unit can be controlled from the Alpine DVA-9860 or would I have to go with $1500 Alpine DVA-9965
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    How do you control sound?

    I was wondering I see all these projects some with jsut the lcd but other with a HU as well but I was wondering what are people doing to control the volume level. From what ive read most epople...
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    Sellers of Alpine PXA-H701

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any candian retailers who would carryt the alpine PXA-H701 processor.
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    Need some help with my idea!

    Well from what ive figured out I am definatley going with a carputer and here is my ideas so far but I cant seem to get things to be wokring exactly the way I am going to want them too. Ihavetn...
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    Need help building carputer with HU!

    I was hoping to just run a cheap carputer as just a mp3 storage device for my audio setup in my car. But I also want to use a head unit for more than that. I also want to use the hu for volume and xm...
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