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  1. 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee - 1.5DIN LCD touch screen?

    Hello All,

    I have a 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a dreaded 1.5 DIN opening. (pic attached) I am looking for a decent LCD touch screen to fill this space. I have seen another Jeep ZJ that put a 7"...
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    not enough current


    If you a powering your USB hub from a old cell phone charger, I am 90% sure your problem has to do with insufficient current. Does the adapter have output specs on it? I know you said 5V...
  3. This is the cable you need: 6Ch Monster MicroXLN


    I have a BMW M Roadster and need to run 6 Channels also. This cable is the thickness of 1 good RCA then breaks out to 6 RCA on each end. You run it from the head unit, down the center of your...
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