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  1. Thanks guys for your replys. Was thinking of...

    Thanks guys for your replys.

    Was thinking of doing some DOS/Linux stuff but before starting with the code i just want to understand how everything works and stuff.
    Im comming in to programming...
  2. Need to start somewhere with Hardware programming

    Hi im looking into starting with hardware programming, even though I know C programming im not sure how to go about when it comes to hardware...
    What i want to start with is simple things like how...
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    All-In-One MB for Sale w/TV out

    Hey There,

    I have an All-In-One Cyrix Gx86 64Bit Motherboard with CPU for Sale. Here are the specifications:

    - Cyrix 64Bit Mobile Processor Running @133Mhz
    - Integrated 64Bit SVGA Providing up...
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