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  1. Best Way to Add Headrests Monitors for Range Rover - Vizualogic? Xenarc?

    Hey Guys,

    As you may have seen in some of my other posts, I am currently trying to figure out the hardware to use for my Carputer setup. I use this vehicle for a lot of long road trips and it...
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    Custom Range Rover Headrest Monitor Options

    Hey Guys,

    I'm thinking about having someone custom fabricate some Xenarc 8" or 9" monitors into my 2003 Range Rover headrests...

    I thought about getting the Vizualogic setup, but it just seems...
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    What Can Be Done With BMW iBus?

    Hey Guys,

    I just got an 03 Range Rover and I am looking to build a CarPC for it. I have been doing some reading on iBus and how people tap into it.

    Would it be possible to get information...
  4. Replacing Factory Range Rover LCD with Higher Quality

    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to be using an EEE PC to run to the headrest monitors in my Range Rover and I would really love to have it on the front LCD in the dash too.

    I read a few threads about...
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    WOW I too have a Range Rover and that looks...

    WOW I too have a Range Rover and that looks amazing! All I can say is how the heck did you do that?? I must have a lot of research to do!

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    It is the same screen as the BMW, just a...

    It is the same screen as the BMW, just a different color bezel.

    I want to do the same thing, did anyone make any progress with this? I have a 2003 Range Rover too!!

  7. EEE PC Powering XBMC in Range Rover with 9" Headrest and 7" Dash Monitor

    Hey Guys,

    I finally have the opportunity to build a computer for my car!! This is something I have wanted to do for years but it has never come together before. I recently purchased a 2004 Range...
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