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  1. BMW/MINI cooper 2008-2010 CAN-BUS steering wheel controls

    Is there any (easy) way to control a car pc with the steering wheel controls?
    The MINI Cooper has can-bus controls (but PAC SWI-CAN doesn't have any information on compatibility) - so I don't know...
  2. 2 DIN Motorized 7" - with angles support - Is there such?

    I like the common Pioneer/Alpine 2-DIN DVD players that can change their angle.
    Is it possible to have such screen (and preferably capacitive) for a CAR-PC?
  3. Mini cooper 2008 (BMW 2010) Can-Bus steering wheel control & using the stock display

    1. Does anyone know how to connect the Cooper/BMW can-bus steering wheel controls to an CarPc?
    2. I saw on previous posts some that used the BMWs stock display (not the a full LCD) for the CarPC....
  4. Instead of DCX2496/H900 - carputer, Which VST plugins will you choose?

    I'm thinking of using a carputer for xover & time delay processing instead of buying a dcx2496.
    The setup is 4-way high end using the Asus xonar HDAT 1.3 (8 ch), scan speak drivers, high end...
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