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  1. The Newest and coolest thing Check it out

    This is not the first one that is out but seems to be the best so far.

    If you can end up using a voltage regulator, it requires 12V this would be great for everyone to add this with a external...
  2. Is the onboard audio on the infill t3 anygood?

    Is this onboard sound good or ok or not great because i want to get a good sound card. I am builing a sq system in my car so i would really like to have a good sound card. I plan on getting a t3...
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    4 Newbie questions

    1. OK first question on the infill t3 is a double din but can it be used as a 2 single din i have a double dint spot really low on my car and a single din spot really high where i can actually see it...
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    i am pretty sure no one has thought about this...

    i am pretty sure no one has thought about this but since this is bluetooth then shouldnt this be able to work with the nintendo wii remote since u can use it now on computers. ?

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    thx :chase:

    thx :chase:
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    how do u hook up your amp to a car pc

    hey i m going to get this car pc but i am going to have a system in my car how do i hook it up i mean i wont have unit a head unit so how do i wires the speakers and rca im guessing theres a...
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