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    Wiring info

    We ran 4 gauge from the positive terminal all the way to a four way fuse box. We then ran 8 gauge wire from 1 terminal to the PC and another 8 gauge wire from a different terminal to the amp. We...
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    Power on problems and capacitors

    I recently installed a computer in my van. It has an M2-ATX PS and an Intel D945GCLF motherboard in it.

    When I installed it, I got an amplifier and a 1 farad capacitor from my son-in-law that he...
  3. I changed audioextentions to audioextensions in...

    I changed audioextentions to audioextensions in the config file but it had the opposite effect as desired. Now nscan descends into all of the subdirectories in my mp3 directory but never recognizes...
  4. I followed your directions and also looked at...

    I followed your directions and also looked at some other stuff:

    I installed the liberation fonts and that error message went away.
    I made sure the configuration files were right in...
  5. No items in list boxes in newest svn version

    I checked out and built the latest svn version of nghost (1687) because I saw that a number of bugs had been fixed and functionality added. Now when I run this version my list boxes for...
  6. Not a bug, but a package version problem

    After some more investigating I found that this is not a bug in the software itself. It actually has to do with packages and dependencies. I installed a fresh version of Debian Lenny and this...
  7. nscan seg fault when nghost opens comunications


    This is my first time trying to install and run nghost on my Debian Lenny system. I have tried both the DEB packages and building the software myself and keep having the following problem:...
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