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    Well, this is for sale... again. I actually...

    Well, this is for sale... again. I actually never followed up on trying to sell it from before, so its just been sitting here. I've not posted as many posts here, as I was always targetted more...
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    Sorry about that... this was meant as a for sale...

    Sorry about that... this was meant as a for sale ad obviously, but somehow I missed the classified forum when posting this (rushing too much - it happens).

    This is an no name unit and if I...
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    VGA - single din - touch screen - 7"


    I'm doing a little reorganization and elected to go back to a double din head unit... that leaves me with this single din hideaway VGA monitor. It's touch screen with a USB connection...
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    Where to start - high end audio oriented car PC

    Hi all,

    I'm a music lover and a car audio and computer buff who maintains a large collection of digital music (tossed my CDs completely away!) that I'd like to build a car system around. I've...
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    Laptop/docked vs. Actual car pc?

    Hi guys,

    I'm fairly new to the car end of the PC thing, but have a really phenominal audio system already installed and am considering an inexpensive way to add additional car pc capabilities. ...
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    Decent laptop processors for car use?

    Hey all,

    (Short version - can anyone tell me what laptop processors have similar or better computing power to a pentium 2.8 with 800fsb - since that is what my home machine is and its about all...
  7. Audio guy looking at going the PC route... laptop acceptable vs carpc?

    Hi all,

    As the thread mentions, I'm a long timer from DIYMA and have invested too much money in my car audio system. I'm also a computer geek type and the time has come to go a new route - using...
  8. Car PC goal (digital audio) - how to get there

    Greetings all -

    I am new to this board and pretty much new to the topic as well. I have pretty extensive experience with home computers dating back to dos & the 286's though, and I built my...
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