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  1. Hi, the device is getting some data, the speed...

    Hi, the device is getting some data, the speed (KM/Hr) and distance, etc..
    I want to alter that data, so as an example lets say the car is running at 100KM/Hr., i want to alter that, multiply e.g....
  2. How to get odb data on pc and send back to odb connector

    I want to get Obd2 data, modify that data on a pc or android, and then send back to a obd2 conector. Is it possibe ? some ideas &or components ?

    The car has an obd2 conector to witch a...
  3. Sub 7" (eg. 5.7 to 6.5") LCD touchsc. monitor solution for embedded

    Hi to all,
    We were doing a project using a mini-itx board and a lilliput 7" touchscreen usb powered some months ago and all was done ok. The monitor was conected to the mobo internally through the...
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