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    NEWBIE on Linux Start Up time HELP

    Hey I just got a 15GB hard drive and installed Linspire Linux on it. I have one of the small HP E-PC computers.
    I really dont know much about linux, It works really well and everything but it takes...
  2. HOW to control volume without head unit, help please?

    Hi, I am using a modded xbox with xbox media center, going thru a amp connected to the speakers.
    My only problem is how to control the volume without any headunit or anything.
    Is there anything I...
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    The power supply from carnetix seems to be a...

    The power supply from carnetix seems to be a really good option.
    I see it would come out in april, Do we have a date?
    PLease anyone that knows how well would that work with our e-pcs, tell us about...
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    BEST way to power up an HP E-PC???? HELP

    Hi I recently bought an HP E-PC one of the older ones, 900mhz, 128, 20gb, and I have research everywhere for ways to power it up but havent found much.
    I saw somewhere where it says that they...
  5. TOTAL NEWBY Cheklist for carpc!!!! New Ideas, Maybe!

    Hey I got into this just a couple of days ago, Im trying to read and learn as much as I can.
    My Idea is to start with a set up that I could upgrade later on.
    As far I have decided to use
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